Opioid Prevention Programs

Opioid & Mental Health Services

Opioid Prevention & Advocacy Project

As an agent of change in the prevention and identification of Opioid Addiction and Overdose epidemic by educating and partnering with other like-minded agencies in bringing public awareness of the Opioid crisis that is besieging and sapping the vitality out of the Ogden, UT and Weber County communities.

Six open public forums on the dangers of the Opioid crisis:

  • ·How the Opioid epidemic started,

  • Its impact on the community,

  • What constitutes opioid use,

  • How to spot and respond to a potential overdose,

  • Information on treatment facilities;

  • And, what ways families can provide support and encourage loved ones who are struggling with opioid addiction.

The overall purpose is to create a community event that promotes a supportive environment for families, neighbors, friends, and co-workers. The open forum will also serve as a platform where opioid survivors and their families will be encouraged to share their stories of struggles, challenges, and successes in combating the opioid epidemic.

Mental Health Programs

Cultural taboos, distrust, traditions, misunderstandings, and shaming have greatly contributed to the epidemic rise of patterns of substance abuse, mental health illness, HIV, and STD’s in the marginalized and minority communities in Ogden and Weber Counties. The purpose of the Northern Utah Coalition is to partner with other like-minded agencies in bringing public awareness of the Mental Health disparities through health education, open public forums and direction of services that are accessible and affordable to a diverse population within Ogden and Weber counties.

  • Promote health literacy

  • Promote community-based care

  • Promote cross-cultural education to improve communication barriers

  • Assist the client with information to help achieve maximum levels of functioning; emotional stability and independence

  • Provide open public awareness/forums